Training and development

Employees with excellent qualifications are an important basis for Audi’s success. We train young people worldwide and provide advancement for our employees in all life phases by offering appropriate development and qualification options.
Audi uses tablet computers in the traineeship

Audi Human Resources strategy

Strengthening individual competences and preparing employees for future tasks are very important facets of the Audi Human Resources strategy. To this end, the Company shows its employees targeted development paths and links these with the development of skills that are aimed at the future. Performance appraisals conducted regularly for all employees play an important role here.

Together with the General Works Council, the management of AUDI AG has agreed on arrangements that enable employees to gain specialized and interdisciplinary qualifications throughout their entire working life.

From the Audi Akademie and dual studies to the “Girls for Technology” camp – you can read about the specific measures and programs for training and development at Audi in the latest Sustainability Report.

To the latest Sustainability Report

Read more about the palpable measures and programs for training and development at Audi in the latest Sustainability Report.

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Careers | Audi is resolutely strengthening its team in order to develop sustainable mobility solutions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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