Compliance and Integrity

At Audi, compliance refers to activities which are universally aligned towards ensuring the rule-compliant behavior of corporate bodies and employees vis-à-vis all statutory requirements and prohibitions as well as internal regulations.

As far as management is concerned, it is absolutely vital that all decisions comply with statutory requirements as well as with internal regulations and values. The basis for this is provided by the Code of Conduct, which applies throughout the Group. Training programs are offered on a company-wide basis to establish a common awareness of key compliance topics.

But integrity as well as compliance with current laws and internal regulations is of elementary importance: It means personal and entrepreneurial actions or positions that put ethical principles such as mutual respect, honesty, appreciation, responsibility, dependability and fairness on an equal footing with economic objectives, and also take account of the public interest.

Integrity and compliance with laws and regulations are the basis of our corporate activity and have top priority within Audi and the entire Volkswagen Group. They form the basis for the good reputation of the Company, for the trust of its customers and business partners, for the wellbeing of its employees as well as for sustainable economic success, which should not be diminished by the risk of high financial losses resulting from fines, the disgorgement of profit, liability for damages or criminal investigations.


Audi Code of Conduct

72 pages, EN


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