Whistleblower System

It is a top priority for Audi to comply with laws, regulations and internal regulations. Because only if regulations and standards are complied with can we avert damage to our Company, employees and business partners. Wrongdoings therefore need to be identified, addressed and immediately halted.

This calls for attentiveness from all parties and requires that they report possible violations of the law or breaches of internal regulations wherever there is firm evidence of the same. We also attach importance to corresponding reports by business partners, customers and other third parties.

The Whistleblower System is a key element of sound corporate governance. By following a fair and transparent process, the Whistleblower System protects the Company, the parties affected and the whistleblower. Standardized, swift processes in conjunction with confidential and professional handling of reports by internal experts form the cornerstones of the system.

Whistleblower System of Audi AG

Whistleblowing - how it works

In an open corporate culture, employees should address mistakes openly and promptly. The immediate line manager should be the first point of contact for issues and improvements to processes. If a person feels to be unable to turn to their line manager to report a Regulatory Violation – for whatever reason – the Whistleblower System offers various ways of reporting the matter. The central point of contact within the Company is the Audi Investigation Office.

The Audi Investigation Office can be reached in the following ways:

Please read data protection information and consent carefully before submitting a hint.


24/7 Hotline
+800 444 46300 (toll-free),
+49 5361 946300 (chargeable, internationally accessible)
Online reporting channel

Postal address
Whistleblower System
85045 Ingolstadt, Germany

In person
Audi Investigation Office
85045 Ingolstadt, Germany

Appointments may be arranged in advance via whistleblower-office@audi.de.If they decide to report the matter to experts outside the company, two external lawyers are available to receive reports in the capacity of neutral mediators (ombudspersons). Their task is to receive reports of potential violations of laws or internal regulations, to examine these, to refer back to the informer as necessary and to forward the information to the Company – upholding anonymity if requested – for the matter to be dealt with. All contact options are given below, together with their description and notes on the disclosure of personal data.

Two external lawyers act as neutral mediators (ombudspersons) on behalf of the Volkswagen Group: Dr. Rainer Buchert and Thomas Rohrbach. The ombudspersons can be contacted in the following ways:

Dr. Rainer Buchert:

  • Phone: +49-69-710 33 330 or +49-6105-92 13 55
  • Fax: +49-69-710 34 444
  • E-Mail: dr-buchert@dr-buchert.de
  • Mail: Dr. Rainer Buchert, Bleidenstraße 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main
  • In person: Bleidenstraße 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

Please arrange an appointment in advance on the phone numbers given above.

Thomas Rohrbach:

  • Phone: +49-69-65 30 03 56
  • Fax: +49-69-65 00 95 23
  • E-Mail: rohrbach@ra-rohrbach.de
  • Mail: Thomas Rohrbach, Wildgäßchen 4, 60599 Frankfurt am Main
  • In person: Wildgäßchen 4, 60599 Frankfurt am Main

Please arrange an appointment in advance on the phone numbers given above.

The experienced external lawyers (ombudspersons) receive reports and forward the information – anonymously if requested – to the Whistleblower System for further investigation.

Please note that the electronic contact options may involve data being transmitted indirectly. For example, the number from which a phone call is made or the IP address over which an e-mail is sent could be transmitted even if the user sets up a new, anonymous e-mail address. In addition to the above contacts, there is therefore also the option of using a web-based communication platform to make contact and share documents with the ombudspersons as well as maintain a dialogue with them via a dedicated mailbox. Confidentially and securely. Informers are free to decide whether they wish to disclose their name.

Whistleblowing – getting it right

To ensure the report being submitted to the Audi Investigation Office can be handled and investigated appropriately, it is important for the report to be as specific as possible.

It will be helpful if the following five questions can be answered:

  • Who? – Who does it concern? Who is affected?
  • What? – What happened? Describe the matter.
  • When? – When was someone advantaged?
  • How? – How often did it occur?
  • Where? – Where did the incident take place 

The whistleblower is asked to describe the matter in terms that can also be understood by non-specialists. It will be helpful in that regard if the whistleblower is available to answer further questions. If they are prepared to do so but do not wish their identity to be known to the Company, they are advised to make contact via the ombudspersons. (See contact module)


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