Growth and stability

The Audi Group not only wants to secure its own competitiveness over the long term; we also aim to conduct our business in a values-led and viable way, in the interests of our stakeholders.
At Audi, the guarantee of competitiveness and value-oriented and sustainable trading are strongly anchored in the company.

Profitable growth

Audi’s responsible, value-oriented corporate governance puts the emphasis on profitable growth. We take a holistic view of sustainability – in our economic decisions we always also take account of ecological and social aspects in order to secure the long-term competitiveness of the Company and therefore uphold its responsibility as a reliable employer. Economic efficiency and job protection are equal-ranking goals here.

The Audi Group is investing in the future and in additional growth. The focus is mainly on investment in new models and future technologies – in the areas of digitalization and alternative drive technologies, for example – and the expansion of the worldwide production network.

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