Sustainable products

Audi takes a holistic approach to the development of sustainable products. We rely on a wide portfolio of alternative drive technologies to make mobility more environmentally friendly.
The Audi e-tron prototype

Electric mobility

The brand with the four rings launched its electrification offensive to coincide with the world premiere of the Audi e-tron. However, electric mobility is only meaningful and sustainable when the electricity has been sustainably produced.

Audi’s mission is to drive sustainability in its vehicles and services along the entire value chain. In this the Group is counting on the development of new drive technologies and, as part of its integrated approach to electric mobility, is also pressing ahead with the further development of charging technologies and the charging infrastructure. The range of systems that we are working on will enable our customers to charge their vehicles with renewable energy from private and public infrastructure. In order to offer a comprehensive charging infrastructure, we have established a joint venture along with other car manufacturers: IONITIY GmbH is providing the major highways in Europe with high-power, high-speed charging stations. More than 300 stations have already been installed along Europe’s major routes, and numerous other stations are under construction. The stations enable a significant reduction in charging times when compared to existing charging solutions. Furthermore, with our new e-tron charging service that coincided with the market launch of the Audi e-tron, we provide access to some 80% of all public charging stations in Europe. This currently corresponds to more than 72,000 charging points in total.

Renewable fuels

Renewable fuels

For several years now Audi has been researching environmentally friendly, CO₂-based fuels – the Audi e-fuels such as e-gas, e-gasoline and the diesel fuel, e-diesel, which is also synthetically produced. In the production of these fuels from water and carbon dioxide (CO₂), exactly the amount of CO₂ is bound as is emitted during combustion. The Audi e-gas plant in Werlte (northern Germany) produces hydrogen and synthetic methane that can be stored and transported in the natural gas network. This means green energy is accessible even at times when there is little wind energy, solar power or hydropower available.

The Audi g-tron models can be run on natural gas as well as on biomethane or synthetic methane.

Audi is therefore offering another drive option, in addition to the e-tron models, that is already enabling driving powered by sustainable energy.

Life cycle assessments

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Life cycle assessments

Besides reducing fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions, we also look at the entire value chain of our products and processes as part of our holistic approach. All phases of the life cycle are analyzed and evaluated – from the extraction of raw materials and manufacture of structural components to the use of the vehicles including the provision of fuel, and all the way to the end of the vehicle’s useful life. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of every new model compared with its predecessor.

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