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Social responsibility plays a key role in this sustainability strategy. The impact of our actions is mirrored in the positive change that Audi can bring about in society.

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Audi has a vision of sustainable mobility that everyone can use with a clear conscience. That is why the company goes beyond manufacturing premium vehicles and offering innovative mobility solutions: Audi also takes responsibility for the future of our planet. In other words, for how we must shape the environment, the economy and society so that future generations can also live well.

The company considers sustainability in all its facets. Besides ecological and economic aspects, social sustainability is also of great importance. To ensure that its commitment makes a significant contribution to society, Audi follows three principles: Engage, Educate and Empower.



covers volunteering and donations. It also encompasses social sponsorship, events, cooperations with non-profit organizations and the promotion of projects with a positive social impact. One example of this is the emergency coronavirus aid of €600,000 that Audi made available at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites in 2020.



unites all the training and education programs that Audi offers or supports. The company focuses not only on its employees, but also on customers, business partners and society as a whole – in the latter case, especially initiatives in the vicinity of Audi sites. Audi also cooperates with numerous national and international universities to help shape progress in research and teaching. The MQ! Innovation Summit that Audi organizes and the Hackathon for sustainable mobility concepts also come under the category of “Educate.” 



is an instrument with a strong impact because Audi acts as a multiplier here. Through various innovation and cooperation projects, the company empowers other players to make the world as a whole more sustainable. These sustainability agents, as they are called, include employees, customers and other stakeholders. They are actively encouraged by Audi to advocate sustainable practices and lifestyles. Here, Audi plays the role of a “change agent.” The aim of this commitment is to bring about even more far-reaching and long-term changes – however, without the direct involvement of the company, as is the case with the Engage and Educate programs. Examples of this include the S-Rating, support of the Nunam startup and participation in the Greentech Award. 

Corporate citizenship spending



million euros

Employee donations




Average training time

per employee 2019



Examples of corporate citizenship activities


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