Stakeholders: What would you like to see from Audi?

How does Audi know what people expect from the Four Rings? Every two years, the company actively involves its stakeholders in a materiality analysis of key issues. This dialogue provides important input for our strategic planning.

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Stakeholdermanagement: Audi Materiality analysis 2021

The world is revolving at high speed – mobility in particular is developing rapidly. Audi is aligning itself accordingly, for example with its new corporate strategy “Vorsprung 2030.” This strategy is designed to ensure the future viability of Audi and encourages responsible business practices and consistent action.


“Vorsprung 2030” also reflects the company’s commitment to thinking holistically and always keeping an eye on the societal and social context. But who expects what from Audi? Which target group has which demands? And which ideas and inspirations need to be taken into account? Ultimately, Audi wants to act in the best way possible, examine different viewpoints and continue to develop by listening to its stakeholders.

Identification of material topics

One means of answering these questions is through the materiality analysis that Audi has been conducting since 2012. Audi enhanced and updated this analysis in 2021. Drawing on both internal and external sources, the company first identified 16 relevant sustainability topics such as “Economic stability” and “Vehicle safety.” These sustainability topics were then prioritized by stakeholders 1 using an online questionnaire: The topic with the greatest relevance in relation to AUDI AG was ranked first, while the topic with the lowest relevance was ranked 16th. Each topic can be assigned to one of four action areas: Operations & Integrity, Products & Services, Employees & Society and Value Creation & Production.

Assessment of impact

In addition to determining the relevance of the sustainability topics, the Audi strategy team evaluated in two steps – first during a workshop with internal and external experts, then by having the results validated by members of the Sustainability Steering Committee. The social, economic and ecological impacts of the company’s actions on the sustainability topics were assessed and classified (impact rating: very high, high, medium). For example: Audi rates its impact on the topic of “Vehicle safety” as “very high,” while its impact on “Nature conservation & biodiversity” is more “medium” from a global perspective.

Audi materiality analysis 2021
Materiality matrix: The infographic does not show the direct rank (1 to 16) of the topic surveyed, but rather its relevance score: This is a projected average of the total of all rankings, divided by the number of participants and additionally weighted by stakeholder groups.

Further development of the company


Audi uses the materiality analysis as a strategic tool. It creates transparency and enables the company to adjust its corporate management specifically. The analysis thus makes a contribution to the regular review and further development of the company. It also provides an even better understanding of the interaction between economic success and commitment to sustainability, thereby helping to mesh these two aspects more closely. The results of the materiality analysis are also an important basis for selecting topics for the Audi Report.


“The results of the 2021 materiality analysis, in which nearly 2,200 stakeholders took part, confirm that Audi has already set the right strategic priorities with its ‘Vorsprung 2030’ strategy. At the same time, they allow us to sharpen our focus and add relevant details,” explains Roxana Codita of Audi Corporate Responsibility.

Well positioned on the top issues

Audi is already well positioned. This can be seen by taking a look at the three most important issues from the point of view of the stakeholder groups 1 surveyed:

Top issue 1: “Fair working conditions and modern working forms”

“Fair working conditions and modern working forms” rank first among stakeholders. Audi has also been recognized for its quality as an employer: The Top Employers Institute certified Audi for the first time in 2021 as a “Top Employer Germany.” Flexible and individual working models such as mobile and part-time work as well as the possibility of taking a sabbatical contributed to the positive rating. Audi also ensures that its partners comply with societal and social standards and has introduced its own rating for this.

Top issue 2: “Alternative drive technologies and vehicle emissions.”

Audi also provides a clear answer to the highly rated topic of “Alternative drive technologies and vehicle emissions.” By laying the groundwork for a switch to electric mobility early on, the company has made its position clear early on. From 2026 onward, all new Audi models launched on the market will be fully electric. The company plans to have over 20 fully battery-electric cars in its portfolio by as early as 2026. In addition, Audi is involved in expanding the relevant charging infrastructure.

Top issue 3: “Sustainable corporate governance

“Sustainable corporate governance” is another extremely important topic for all stakeholder groups. Audi understands sustainability as future viability – and the company is making its targeted contribution to solving global challenges. Audi aspires to be a leader not only in technology, but also in sustainability. To this end, it consistently aligns its corporate structures and processes with ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) criteria.

Audi Report 2021


Audi Report 2021

Welcome to the Audi Report 2021, the combined annual and sustainability report from AUDI AG. This report combines financial perspectives as well as Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) issues in a unique and transparent manner.

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