With the Audi g-tron models and Audi e-gas as fuel, produced by Audi itself and from our cooperation partners' plants, we are pursuing an approach with our drive solutions that is not only about the efficiency of the engine, but also about the ecology of the entire energy system. Because mobility is innovative even before the first metre is driven.

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What is g-tron?

At Audi, the term g-tron stands for models that can run on both natural gas and petrol. Audi g-tron, together with Audi e-gas, combines sportiness, design, and long-distance mobility with renewable energy.

Do I need to readjust as a driver?

The Audi g-tron models combine familiar sportiness, progressive design, and superior long-distance mobility without the driver having to adapt. The acceleration is as dynamic as an Audi that runs solely on petrol. The low-lying gas tanks, which weigh 50% less than steel cylinders thanks to the Audi lightweight principle, do not interfere with your driving experience. The difference compared to a normal Audi: a second fuel gauge for the CNG tank, significantly lower fuel costs (as of January 2017), and good environmental awareness, because in addition to the aforementioned CO₂ reduction, there is no dust creation during the combustion of Audi e-gas.

How does the e-gas cycle work?

With Audi e-gas, Audi has developed its own fuel, and is operating the world's largest power-to-gas plant in Emsland. Audi e-gas is generated from renewable energies, water, CO₂, and residual materials. That makes it a synthetic, CO₂-neutral fuel. Audi g-tron drivers thus don't have to drive to a specific e-gas filling station. Instead, the fossil natural gas consumed by g-tron drivers is replaced by almost climate-neutral Audi e-gas in the total gas network, restoring the balance. This means that e-gas users can enjoy the renewable fuel in comfort.

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