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myMemories is a new digital service by Audi that makes it possible to capture and re-live the experience of driving, by recording and preparing a personalized video for the customer in real-time.

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Digital Moments of Truth

What does a real moment of truth need to look like in a digital environment so that it is actually perceived as such? A real moment with real emotions. To answer this question, the world of emotions will, to put it briefly, be transferred to the digital cosmos. There, with the help of artificial intelligence, real moments can be identified, classified and used appropriately.

Launch Event myMemories, Neuburg an der Donau

Launch Event myMemories, Neuburg an der Donau

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) plays a decisive role in the interdisciplinary makerspace AIR (Audi Innovation Research) at the San Francisco location. Audi myMemories was created at AIR in collaboration with the San Francisco-based start-up REVL. Smart cameras on board the vehicle analyse the feelings of the customer during their journey using emotion recognition and record them. Based on additional vehicle data, such as speed, acceleration or GPS, the resulting footage is evaluated, prepared and shown in a professional manner. As a result, customers automatically receive a personalised video in real time, which they can immediately share online: visualized emotions in a handy, authentic, storytelling format that thrusts the customer’s own world of emotions into the digital environment.

Man scans card in rearview mirror
Person shows the app to someone else

The customer can check into the system using a QR code. The smart 4K cameras of the California-based start-up REVL recognize the emotions of the users. After the driving experience, a link to the personalized video is automatically generated. This link can also be opened via the myMemories app. From there, it is very easy to edit the file and share it online.

Jürgen Kufner

Jürgen Kufner - Senior Innovation Strategist, AIR San Francisco

"Living in a digital environment, it is becoming increasingly important to get to know users properly in order to provide them with a personalized offering."


"A decisive factor in creating the video is that it is not a person who determines which sequences are especially emotional but rather the AI,” according to Jürgen Kufner (Senior Innovation Strategist at AIR San Francisco), who brought the application to life as the project manager together with the AIR team. Apart from the functional offering of the service, it was necessary to create an emotional connection to the brand."

Picture from the rearview mirror camera
Picture from the rearview mirror camera

A perfect, emotional, digital customer experience enhanced by the thrill of speed: This is how lasting memories are created – captured with the myMemories Service.

Audi R8 Audi driving experience
Building with terrace
Audi & Audi Sport Logo on the building

Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus: Fuel consumption (combined*) in l/100 km: 13.4CO₂ emissions (combined*) in g/km: 306
Information on fuel/power consumption and CO₂ emissions with ranges depending on the selected equipment of the vehicle.

Audi R8 Coupé V10 plus: Fuel consumption (combined*) in l/100 km: 13.4CO₂ emissions (combined*) in g/km: 306
Information on fuel/power consumption and CO₂ emissions with ranges depending on the selected equipment of the vehicle.

The methodology of the California-based think tank AIR creates precisely this direct relationship with the customer. During short design thinking sprints, concepts are further developed and prototypes are created and tested directly with customers. The feedback that results is processed until, little by little, the right customer experience is created.   

The AIR team has found that Audi Driving Experience is the perfect partner to make this digital memento a reality. Here, particular driving experiences with “highly emotional vehicles” are offered on the circuit. “The Audi Driving Experience and myMemories fit together perfectly. Using the service, customers will simply be able to take their experiences home with them in the future and experience them again digitally at any time,” explains Kufner.

myMemories is currently still in the pilot phase. But soon, the service will supplement the current myAudi ecosystem offering, where the customer should perceive the brand not just on a functional level but also on an emotional level. “Initially, it will be used on the circuit or at special Audi Driving Experience events. However, in the long term, we are trying to bring our service onto the road,” says Kufner. Even if a few points with regard to data protection and road safety have to be clarified before then, he is convinced that Audi myMemories can be integrated completely into the everyday life of the customer.

Capture, save and edit unique experiences with the vehicle and experience them again at any time – that is Audi myMemories.

Jürgen Kufner, Senior Innovation Strategist

Audi Innovation Research


Audi Innovation Research

AIR is an interdisciplinary think tank with headquarters in the cities of Ingolstadt and Beijing. These two teams are part of AUDI AG’s worldwide innovation network.

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