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Your digital line to your Audi.

Keep an eye on the important things.

myAudi is your key to the digital, networked world of Audi. Here is where you’ll find innovative services that you can now use even more efficiently thanks to myAudi. Whether it is a digital service schedule, personal vehicle details, a vehicle status report or news centred round Audi – all of this and much more await you at the press of a button, comfortably from your home PC or while away via your smartphone or tablet. As an Audi connect user, upon registration you also have access to all your individual services such as the locking and unlocking of your car using your smartphone. What’s more, you can change the setting for all the services or send your personal GPS destinations to your Audi.

Stay connected.

myAudi service schedule
myAudi service record the entire service history of your car and replaces the traditional booklet format with stamp fields. Every time your car undergoes service and maintenance work, this is automatically entered and safely stored in your myAudi account.

myAudi owner’s literature
Once you’ve entered your car model into myAudi, you’ll have access to the owner’s manual for your Audi in digital form. With an interactive keyword search function and, of course, in your language of choice.

myAudi vehicle details
Always have all the information about your Audi at hand: via myAudi vehicle details, you can view the model year of your car, its vehicle identification number, initial registration date, engine specifications, output and many additional details without having to fumble through the registration document.

Audi connect services 

Innovative services and functions which connect you with your Audi and the world – that’s Audi connect. For instance, you can check if all your car’s doors are locked from wherever you are, or where exactly you’ve parked your Audi. Thanks to myAudi and the Audi connect services, you can also drive even safer and more relaxed. Online traffic information makes sure you get to your destination as quickly as possible, and the automatic emergency call or the online roadside assistance ensure you have a good feeling while driving.


Please note: The availability of myAudi services may vary depending on your country, vehicle and vehicle’s equipment.