Verantwortung in der Lieferkette

Responsibility in the supply chain

As a major industrial enterprise, we are very conscious of our responsibility for the environment and society. For Audi, the concept of being consistently sustainable means focusing holistically on environmentally friendly processes and social working conditions. Our globally interlinked supply chain plays a key role here.

To us sustainability is about responsibility

The supply chain at Audi is subject to constant change and is also highly complex because of the large number of processing steps and materials involved. We interact with more than 14,000 direct suppliers from more than 60 countries. That adds up to a large responsibility, but at the same time it offers enormous potential to operate sustainably at critical positions. We take this duty seriously and work exclusively with partners who share our values. It is our conviction that our suppliers play a key role in our success when it comes to sustainability.

We interact with more than





The most important pillars of our sustainability efforts in the supply chain

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We develop standards that ensure environmental measures in the supply chain are adhered to across the board.

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We constantly work to improve working conditions for people, such as when we are dealing with critical raw materials in the supply chain.

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Through increased integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence or blockchain, we want to continuously improve traceability in our global, complex supply chains.

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We strive to make a difference

The possibilities and starting points for acting sustainably in the supply chain are as multi-layered as the supplier structure. Thanks to the consistent electrification of our vehicles, it is here that the majority of CO₂ emissions arise. That is why it is essential for us as part of the Audi CO₂ program to improve the CO₂ balance sheet in the supply chain even before our vehicles embark on their first kilometers on the road. To do this, we are focusing at various points on green energy, CO₂-reduced aluminum and CO₂-reduced steel as well as recycling concepts, and the use of secondary materials. Newly developed guidelines, which for example stipulate that only green energy is used by Audi partners, support our contract award processes and promote the use of renewable energy. In this way, we reduce negative impacts at the places where we cannot completely avoid them and generate positive effects everywhere that we can.

Listen and understand

Since 2019 the so-called sustainability rating (S-Rating) helps us to check the sustainability performance of our suppliers. Participation in the S-Rating is mandatory and a prerequisite for a mutual business relationship. The individual assessment tools of the S-Rating focus on sustainable action at the company’s sites. The evaluation in the S-Rating determines whether a site is eligible as a supplier or not. On a page set up specifically for this purpose, you will find further information on the S-Rating, on participation and on free training offers that will help you to go through the process and, if necessary, improve your results.

In 2023

more than


suppliers provided VW with information


on-site checks were carried out throughout the Group

Our goal is to lay the foundation for enhanced sustainability and responsibility in a spirit of partnership together with our suppliers.

Johanna Klewitz, Head of Supply Chain Sustainability

Stronger together

Stronger together

We believe in a sustainable future. Long-term relationships with our suppliers are essential for this. That is why we support our business partners not only through training on the S-Rating, but also with a variety of workshops on the topic of sustainability.

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Commitment is an act

Commitment is an act

Taking a holistic view of sustainability means keeping an eye on both, the smallest of details and the big picture. This is underpinned by working together on initiatives as well as clearly worded requirements for our partners and overarching standards.

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A concept for greater sustainability in the supply chain

Responsibility in the Supply Chain 10/20/2022

A concept for greater sustainability in the supply chain

Audi sees a diverse supply chain as an opportunity to effect positive transformation in society and long-term success.

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