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Welcome to our page providing an overview of the S-Rating or Sustainability-Rating. The S-Rating is a mandatory contract award criterion. This is where you can find all the information you need about the S-Rating to help you through the award process. The individual steps in the S-Rating process are explained to you clearly and in detail here.


As a global corporation, sustainability is a core element of the production process at Audi, irrespective of the location and its size. Sustainability and fair working conditions are therefore anchored firmly as principles in our corporate philosophy. We expect the same approach from our business partners. 


With the S-Rating, you help us create transparency about the sustainability performance at your location. The S-Rating is a mandatory contract award criterion. Only a positive S-Rating constitutes the basis for cooperation. Together with our business partners, we are committed to achieving greater sustainability.


We can’t do this without your help.

What is the S-Rating?

The main points at a glance: 

We use the S-Rating to verify your performance in the areas of sustainability, the environment, and social responsibility. We will consider working together with you only if the result of the S-Rating is positive. The basis for issuing the S-Rating is provided by the self-assessment questionnaire, or SAQ. The assessment is based on your answers. An on-site check can additionally be necessary in some cases.


Your result in the S-Rating also determines whether you are eligible to be awarded contracts in the future as a business partner. “S-Rating” stands for “Sustainability-Rating.” i.e. the assessment of our business partners from sustainability aspects. As a company with operations worldwide, we at Audi attach great importance to environmentally friendly production processes and fair working conditions. With the S-Rating, we are taking the first step toward more sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. It is only when all parties cooperate as equals that we are also able to operate sustainably over the long term. We will help you in this process.


The S-Rating is mandatory for all relevant companies that would like to enter into a business relationship with us. The S-Rating becomes mandatory for companies that have more than ten employees at the location. Microenterprises with fewer than ten employees can arrange to be exempted from the S-Rating requirement.

We interact with more than





How do I get a S-Rating?

How many employees work at your company location?

Location with 9 employees or fewer

Location with 9 employees or fewer

Small locations with fewer than 10 employees can shorten the procedure for obtaining the S-Rating to a few steps.

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Location with 10 employees or more

Location with 10 employees or more

The S-Rating is mandatory for locations with more than ten employees. Several requirements have to be met to start with. Continue reading to find out what these requirements are in detail and what steps you have to take to fulfill them.

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We sincerely appreciate that you have joined with us to steadily improve sustainability in global supply chains.

Your Sustainability Team at Strategy Procurement

S-Rating training offers

S-Rating training offers

We want to support you on your path to greater sustainability. That is why we regularly offer training programs that explain the S-Rating in detail and lead you through the steps necessary to obtain it.

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