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In the series "The Bigger Picture: Sustainability @ AUDI AG", polar explorer and climate analyst Sebastian Copeland illustrates how the criteria for ecological and social sustainability determine Audi's conduct.

04/15/2024 Reading Time: 3 min

 Icy landscape
The ice landscape of Northern Greenland, located just a few hundred kilometers away from the North Pole, during an expedition led by Sebastian Copeland in the summer of 2023.

Sebastian Copeland is convinced that the two key drivers for our future are science and technology, which provide solutions. For over 25 years, the Englishman has been committed to climate protection. He is a polar explorer and climate analyst, having studied geology and glaciology, among other fields. However, Copeland is also an award-winning photographer and author. The Englishman crossed Greenland and Antarctica and reached the geographic North Pole – on foot. "And every time I return to these places, to the Arctic or Antarctic, I see the accompanying effects and impacts of human actions," he explains.

Sebastian Copeland has had a long-standing collaboration with Audi, which now continues in a nine-part series. In "The Bigger Picture: Sustainability @ AUDI AG", the researcher invites viewers to take a deep look into the inner workings of an automotive company like Audi. This special expedition takes him to various important Audi locations and allows him to meet with interdisciplinary Audi experts, with whom he discusses the crucial topics for ecological and social sustainability. "In this series on environment, social issues, and responsible corporate governance, or ESG, we will delve deeply into what could make a difference," summarizes Sebastian Copeland.

In this series we will delve deeply into what could make a difference.

Sebastian Copeland

Sebastian Copeland travels to various corporate locations of Audi and speaks with employees about electrification, circular economy, data protection, as well as human rights and social engagement - ESG criteria that shape Audi's actions.


Join Sebastian Copeland in "The Bigger Picture: Sustainability @ AUDI AG" in the coming days and weeks on a special expedition and discover how Audi lives up to the criteria for ecological and social sustainability as one of the central guiding principles of its corporate governance.

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Living shared values

Audi lives by a shared value system across all organizational levels. The criteria for ecological sustainability form the basis for all decisions. Not only to shape the transformation to clean mobility as a pioneer, but also to provide impulses for social change. And thus make a decisive contribution to solving global challenges. Find out how Audi is both shaping the transformation of mobility and providing impetus for social change.

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