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Comprehensive insight into structures and processes – You want to get to know different areas of a company in the very first year of your career? Then the international trainee programme of Audi is exactly what you are looking for. The AUDI AG trainee programme is a 12-month qualification programme for university graduates. As a trainee, you are given a comprehensive insight into structures and processes at the company.


The Audi trainee programme

As a trainee, you get to know major interfaces inside and outside AUDI AG via a number of different projects. During the 12-month programme, you have personal responsibility for carrying out three to four projects in various areas of the company's business divisions.

One of these projects is in your target field, while a second one is at an international location of the Volkswagen Group. The individual modules of the programme are chosen individually to match your qualifications and the requirements of your planned target field. Deployment in production and some weeks of experience at a dealership, where you can get direct contact with the products and the customers of Audi, are further features of the programme.

You are assisted by a mentor from management as well as by the trainee supervisory team throughout the programme.

After you have completed the programme, you will have an excellent network within the company which you can use of in your later assignments.

The trainee programme is open to graduates of any subject, still, we are particularly looking for graduates of technical studies.

You should also note the following requirements for your application:

  • Good results in your university/college courses (German grading system 2.5 or better)
  • At least two months of practical experience
  • International experience (at least 3 months abroad during your studies by means of an internship or a semester abroad)
  • Good knowledge of foreign languages, primarily English
  • Customer orientation
  • Interdisciplinary skills (due to training or professional experience)
  • Communication skills
  • Team skills
  • Entrepreneurial approach
  • Activities outside the university environment

Please apply online to our vacant positions three to five months before your preferred start of the trainee programme.


Current vacancies

Selected vacancies are available in English. For further vacancies, please visit our German job market.

The male form is only used throughout the Audi career website in describing the programmes we have to offer so that texts are easier to read. It goes without saying that all of the programmes are open to both sexes.