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More than a good income: Satisfaction generates motivation

Satisfaction generates motivation. In addition to your salary, we offer benefits that money cannot buy − job security, friendly colleagues and the opportunity to shape your own professional development.


Good performance – good opportunities: Premium personnel development

Systematic, focussed, consistent – Highly motivated, committed and well-trained staff is essential for Audi to make progress and achieve success.

The personnel development department has one central assignment to make sure this requirement is met: our employees are guided, challenged and encouraged right from the start, so that they can apply their strengths, ideas and skills to full effect. We implement a systematic, focussed and consistent concept for the optimum development of all our staff so that this is possible.

Audi innovation culture – optimum conditions

Challenges rather than routine: growing with the job. Because you don't get far trying to build tomorrow's cars with yesterday's structures. The classic corporate hierarchy was, therefore, abandoned at Audi a long time ago. It is not titles or length of service that count; commitment, performance and skill determine how important an employee is to the company. Which means that you as a "newcomer" have unusually good chances, too. You assume responsibility right from the start by working independently in a team and/or project groups.

Discovering and encouraging up-and-coming staff

Above-average success has never been the result of average performance.
Your direct superior assesses your achievements in the past year in annual personnel development exercises. He decides your salary development and evaluates your future potential for taking over demanding new assignments and functions. On the basis of this, talks are held with you to define the objectives for the future and to choose personnel development measures. An optimum balance can as a result be found between your performance and your potential – in line with your individual capabilities. At a meeting with your superior, you arrange a customised plan for your deployment and development in the coming appraisal year, including appropriate seminars.
An important principle here: you influence the direction and speed at which you develop yourself – by your attitude and your performance.

Development on and off the job

Guidance, encouragement and challenge always go hand in hand at our company: you take over on-the-job responsibility and you are helped in your learning process by specific off-the-job personnel development measures. When you have performed successfully in a position, you can then move on to other assignments, e.g. in the context of job rotation. One of the features of this is that you take over challenging and demanding new projects early on.

Promotion to the AUDI AG management

The same is true of promotion to management positions: what is crucial here is that you produce excellent results in various positions and that your qualifications and potential are in line with the Audi management profile. However, the concept of "good performance – good opportunities" also applies here. We give you the chance to gain as much experience as possible with different assignments in various areas of operation, irrespective of whether you – for example – studied engineering or economics.
This procedure can take you into the AUDI AG management, too – via a process of systematic on- and off-the-job selection that is applied consistently throughout the company.


An attractive package: Salary and benefits

AUDI AG employment contracts are based on the collective agreement for the metal-working industry. The annual remuneration that Audi employees receive is significantly higher than the level negotiated in the agreement. We are convinced that the company’s success is always the success of each individual employee, which is why our employees are given a profit-sharing disbursement.

Remuneration for employees with prior experience is determined on an individual basis, depending on their qualifications and expertise. We give career entrants a guaranteed good start to their working lives – with open-ended contracts and a whole range of welfare benefits and fringe benefits. Besides company health-protection programmes, these include a company pension and the opportunity to lease or buy vehicles on favourable terms.

Our declared goal is to assist all employees in combining the demands of work and family life and to further support the professional and personal development of our employees by means of tailored development programmes. Indeed, it is part of our corporate strategy to be an attractive employer worldwide.

Numerous advantages – fringe benefits

The standards
It goes without saying that we comply with all the statutory requirements, from protective clothing to protected maternity leave and continued payment of salary in the event of illness.

As an active employee
Employment benefits to encourage the accumulation of capital, special bonuses and an employee profit sharing plan are just some of the benefits that you will enjoy as an active Audi employee. Depending on where you work, you may also receive extra salary if you work at night, on Sundays or on public holidays.

The compatibility of work and family is an important matter to us as a company. This is why AUDI AG assists its employees in finding suitable childcare solutions. In Ingolstadt alone, there are over 100 nursery-school places available. To maintain these places, we currently work with four day-care centres.
The association known as “Mobile Familie”, which was founded by Audi, offers further assistance: those who wish can obtain advice on topics such as “Compatibility of work and family” and “Caring for family members”. In Neckarsulm, Audi offers almost 50 nursery-school places for employees’ children via the “Kinder in Bewegung” association. Meanwhile, the “Tageskinder Heilbronn” association offers advice on the topics of “Work and family” and acts as an agency for nursery nurses.

Holiday programmes for schoolchildren
We provide assistance so that our employees can satisfy both the company’s demands for flexible working hours and their family’s demands. As a co-initiator and member of the regional family alliance “Bündnis für Familie”, we offer holiday schemes for the children of Audi employees at our Ingolstadt site in partnership with other companies in the region.
For example, during the summer holidays, our employees can take advantage of the “Audi Sommerkinder” schemes in both locations Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.

Audi health protection
Our employees are crucial to our “Vorsprung durch Technik”. Their health is thus an extremely important concern for us. The Healthcare department at Audi offers an extensive range of preventative checkups such as the Audi Checkup, supports a range of company health promotion measures and is committed to health-focused work organisation.

After you retire
Audi provides attractive benefits after you have retired, too. Alongside part-time working schemes for older employees, they primarily include direct insurance products and a company old-age pension scheme.

Staff car buying scheme
The staff car buying scheme enables you to buy, finance or lease your Audi on very favourable terms.

Wedding car
When you or direct relatives marry, you can use a wedding car, for example an elegant A8 Saloon.

Audi corporate gastronomy
The Audi company restaurants serve good food at a reasonable price. And you can always buy a quick snack to satisfy those pangs of hunger between meals from one of the small on-site supermarkets.

Audi suggestions scheme
If you have any suggestions as to how to improve workflows, make processes safer or make operations more efficient, you can earn a reward of up to € 60,000 through the Audi suggestions scheme.

AUDI AG – an attractive employer
These are just a few of our fringe benefits – you will find out about the rest when you join us.


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