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Corporate strategy

Our vision


Audi – the premium brand

Our overriding strategic goal is to develop Audi into the world’s leading brand in the premium automobile segment. This vision is at the core of our Strategy 2020, which was first unveiled in 2010. In the years that followed, we further substantiated and fine-tuned the topics under the roof of our strategy house to reflect changing economic, ecological and social requirements. The strategic cornerstones remain unchanged and have long-term, sustainable corporate success as their objective.

The Audi brand’s strategy 2020

Our mission


We delight customers worldwide

Customer delight remains at the heart of our Strategy 2020. Our brand essence “Vorsprung durch Technik” comprises the values sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication. These are embodied in particular by our technologically advanced and innovative products, which are also noted for their attractive design, high-caliber materials and build quality.

In order to delight our customers worldwide, we have defined four strategic areas of activity for the Audi brand that are continually reviewed, substantiated and refined:

Areas of action

Our Goals


The Audi brand has clear objectives on different areas:


Overview of goals