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Corporate strategy


Our vision

Audi – the premium brand

In its Strategy 2020, which was first unveiled in 2010, the Audi Group set itself the goal of becoming the leading brand worldwide in the premium car segment. Since the strategy’s launch, it has undergone continuous refinement. The cornerstones and areas of action retain their validity. The strategy house was therefore further substantiated again in the past fiscal year to bring it up to date with changing economic, ecological and social requirements.

The Audi brand’s strategy 2020

We incorporated our fundamental principle of acting sustainably and responsibly by firmly anchoring the goal “Sustainability of products and processes” in our strategy. We also reasserted the “We define innovation” area of action through our declared goal to be “Leaders in innovation.”


Our mission

We delight customers worldwide

“Vorsprung durch Technik” comprises the brand values sportiness, progressiveness and sophistication. This is reflected in our products, which are noted first and foremost for their modern design, technological innovations and high material and build quality. In addition, we want to evoke customer delight worldwide, in all its facets. The mission to delight customers therefore remains at the heart of our Strategy 2020.

To that end, the Audi brand has defined the following four areas of action that are being continually reassessed, refined and refocused.


Areas of action


Our Goals

The Audi brand has clear objectives on different areas:


Overview of goals