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Auto Union 16-cylinder Streamliner racing car type C, 1937

The Type C represented the most powerful development stage of the Auto Union 16-cylinder racing car, which developed up to 560 hp. The Streamliner celebrated its debut at the 1937 Avus Race, where the new banked curve was driven on for the first time. In the same year Bernd Rosemeyer drove this car on the Frankfurt to Darmstadt autobahn, accelerating it to a speed of over 400 km/h for the first time on a normal road, and set several world speed records. The model on display is a reproduction of the 1937 version.

Engine: V16 cylinder
Displacement: 6,005 cc
Power: 520 hp at 5,000 rpm
Maximum speed: approx. 250 mph
Series: 1937
Production: 2 racing cars

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