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Research partnerships

Innovation based on research and development. Through cooperation with academic institutions, AUDI AG combines scientific theory and modern research with business practice, thus ensuring the transfer of groundbreaking ideas to the company.



Academic Cooperation

85045 Ingolstadt

Scientific theory and business practice

Research partnerships defines the framework for this knowledge transfer and as a result contributes to innovation at Audi. It accelerates the transfer of knowledge between industry and research, produces fundamental know-how that links theory with practice and thereby helps develop young talent. The department is the point of contact at Audi for academic institutions as well as for departments at Audi and, for its part, guides the expansion and support of strategic partnerships with universities and project-based partnerships with national and international academic partners.

Research partnerships also oversees Audi’s participation in university endowments, Audi’s endowed professorships and the international guest professorships at Audi. The department provides Audi training managers with an extensive support program.

  • Partnerships


    Networking industry and academic institutions

  • Science in Dialogue (German only)

    Science in Dialogue

    “Experiencing science – knowledge for everyone”

  • Doctoral candidates

    Doctoral candidates

    Outstanding projects and Audi doctoral scholarships

  • Endowments


    Endowed professorships and endowments to support scientific research

  • Training


    Diverse activities in university instruction