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Audi Stakeholder Forum 2016

In November 2016 around 100 participants from the worlds of politics, industry and science discussed the opportunities and challenges of electric mobility at the third Audi Stakeholder Forum in Brussels. The event, which was broadly themed on the technology of the future, focused on the challenges for research and development in Europe. It also revolved around shaping business models along with other steps involved in expanding the charging infrastructure.

The upshot of the event was that the electrification of drives is a central step along the road to sustainable mobility. Electric mobility provides opportunities for an energy revolution, but at the same time companies, the business world and politicians are facing various challenges: They need to assess customer requirements and the sustainability of electric mobility as well as flesh out new business models and define legal frameworks. “The future of individual mobility will increasingly be electric,” explained Dr. Stefan Niemand, Head of Electrification at AUDI AG. He went on to outline how the concept can only succeed if car manufacturers build infrastructure, range and sustainability aspects into their considerations from the outset.

Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director of London management consultants Neckermann Strategic Advisors, mapped out the coming changes in his keynote speech. Neckermann advocates a new form of mobility and is convinced we are heading for a “mobility revolution.” He identifies the rising number of electric vehicles and the growing car sharing market as driving forces of this revolution. He believes alternative transport options and new mobility services will increasingly become part and parcel of everyday life. The result will above all be safer traffic and lower CO2 emissions.

Summary of the International Audi Stakeholder Forum