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Growth and stability

To ensure successful operations both now and in the future, Audi relies on efficient structures and processes, and qualitative growth at domestic and international sites. Corporate responsibility is the basis for sustainable success in all areas.

Audi understands sustainability to mean taking economic, environmental and social aspects into account in every decision to ensure the Company’s long-term competitiveness and thus fulfill its responsibility as a reliable employer. Because the individual targets are based on the corporate strategy, each one makes a contribution to reaching our overall objectives.

To facilitate qualitative growth, Audi employs efficient structures and processes, long-term investment management and systematic cost control. A high level of self-financing helps to lastingly preserve the Company’s freedom to invest and act. In this connection, the objective of fundamentally financing investment from self-generated cash flow is a key pillar of our corporate strategy. The high equity ratio reflects a balanced capital structure and is a clear sign of the Company’s stability.

The Audi Group is investing in the future and in additional growth. The focus is primarily on investment in new models and future-oriented technologies – such as in the field of digitization or alternative drive technologies – as well as expanding the global production network.

In 2015, the Company commenced production in São José dos Pinhais, Brazil. The A3 Sedan has been in production since the plant was inaugurated in the south of the world’s eighth largest economy. Production of the Audi Q3 also got underway in spring 2016. Furthermore, the Company has also been producing cars in Mexico since 2016. The new plant in San José Chiapa, to the east of Puebla, will build the new Audi Q5. Audi is gradually expanding its Hungarian production site in Győr. At its Brussels site, 2018 will see the start of volume production of the first all-electric SUV. The overriding goal of the investment program is to further consolidate the strong position of the Audi brand.


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