Picking Teams

2 FC Bayern Teams. 2 Audis.
1 Challenge.

Scouting New York City for an ultimate 5-a-side game.

Noise, mayhem, hustle and bustle. New York is home to more than 8 million people.
Think of the chaotic traffic conditions, confusing road layouts, the constant wail of sirens and more than 4 million vehicles on the move. What kind of challenge will all this be for Vidal, Ribéry, Boateng and Thiago as they search for the best talent to take part in a 5-a-side street soccer match in New York City?

The challenge:
put together street football teams in New York City.

"Get the best out of the city."

The four football stars from FC Bayern Munich make up two teams, the Red team and the White team. Along with 4 million other cars in the metropolis that spend around 73 hours stuck in traffic every year, Franck Ribéry and Arturo Vidal tackle the tough conditions in their Audi A4 on the busy streets of New York – in search of creative and extraordinary athletes for this challenge. Audi connect is on board to help.


Jérôme Boateng and Thiago Alcántara in the White team in their A4 with connect technology are also on the lookout for the most talented people for the all-important game that evening.

Team captains:
Team White - Jérôme Boateng und Thiago Alcántara
Team Red - Franck Ribéry und Arturo Vidal
Selected players:
Creative and unusual. All over Manhattan - from Times Square, Chinatown and Washington Square Park through to Manhattan Bridge in search of the best talent.

FC Bayern has long been a brand in the USA and soccer mania is practically limitless.  So at the end of the day, five New York athletes stand alongside the respective captains. A large number of excited spectators gather around the fenced, synthetic turf playing field in Sara Delano Roosevelt Park in the heart of New York’s Lower East Side.

For all of them, what really counts is to get the round thing into the square thing.

"Get the best out of the city" - Audi connect

Audi connect.

Audi connect technology helps the professional footballers in their search to find the best talent available across New York City for their two teams. Time is of the essence, as the all-important match is due to kick off early in the evening.

Music via smartphone interface

During the drive through the east coast metropolis, one of the players in the car uses the connect function to enjoy the perfect playlist for scouting and to get in the mood for the evening’s game. The song title and the name of the band appear on the MMI display.


Point-of-Interest search

One team tries to find a good starting point to look for teammates. Using the Audi POI search, they find a skateboarding park nearby. Conveniently found on the smartphone and with a swipe sent directly to the MMI display in the Audi A4, the directions appear on the MMI display for the captains.


Vehicle WiFi hotspot

What sort of challenge would it be without teasing the other team? During the trip in the Audi A4, the White team receives a selfie from the opposing team: Vidal and Ribéry introduce Teri Tan - a talented amateur player, who will demonstrate her skills in the Red team. All made possible by the WiFi hotspot in the Audi A4.

Audi connect technology in the new Audi Q2:

Well connected – with Audi connect, the new Audi Q2 brings the internet into the car. No matter whether it’s weather, news, live traffic information or social media channels.


Always on is the motto, with a WiFi hotspot for up to 8 end devices. The head-up display and the Audi phone box with wireless charging provide safety and convenience.

Audi connectivity in the new Audi A4:

Apps from your smartphone can be conveniently used via the Audi MMI screen. Thanks for surfing in the EU without roaming fees - always connected.

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