What drives us?

What drives us?

A free spirit always on the lookout for challenges: Andreas Baumann from Drive Simulation is not only expressing his creativity at his job, but also while crafting in his spare time.

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We are facing challenging times. That’s why we are constantly strengthening our team and becoming more agile. Work with us to develop new, sustainable mobility solutions for the future. Audi offers you flexibility, an innovative environment, freedom and internationality. We’re looking forward to hearing from you! Learn more about us below:
Audi drives change
Audi drives change

Audi drives change

Fascinating vehicles are just one aspect – Audi is consistently bringing the issue of sustainable mobility forward at many levels. Find out here how we are driving the change.

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Your career start at Audi

“We live in a world in which many things can quickly be copied. What cannot be copied are the people and the culture of a company.”

“We live in a world in which many things can quickly be copied. What cannot be copied are the people and the culture of a company.”

– Bram Schot, Chairman of the Board of Management, AUDI AG  

Die Reise beginnt

To the Career portal

General FAQs on career start and application process

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General FAQs on career start and application process

Can I speak directly to Audi employees about my opportunities at Audi?
It goes without saying! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our career chat service. We will be more than happy to provide you with an expert advice. If you prefer a personal contact, please visit us at one of the recruiting events that we attend. We always have HR representatives and employees from our specific departments at the venues.
What does happen to my data?

Needless to say, your data will be treated as strictly confidential.

I received a message informing me that the e-mail address is already registered and that I should log in?
If you see this message, you have already registered to our job portal? You are free to use your existing applicant profile for other applications. To do so, log in at and update your information. Then you can apply to us again. If you have forgotten your login information, you can have it sent to your e-mail account.
I forgot my password. What can I do?
Go to the Audi Job Portal, click on “My Profile” at the top and then on “Reset password.” Please enter your email address and click on “Reset Password.” You will receive a new password by e-mail shortly after.
To whom should I address the cover letter?
The job description will include the name of a contact person to whom you can submit your cover letter. You may keep the letter general for internship applications.
What do I need to start using the application assistant?
The better you prepare for your application, the faster you can complete it. This includes having digital versions of all relevant data and documents ready for your submission. Pay attention to the file’s size when scanning your documents. Your attachments are limited to 10 MB storage space in total.
I am interested in several vacancies. Can I submit more than one application?
It is common that you will see more than one vacant position that captures your attention. In general, you are permitted to apply for multiple positions at once. Nevertheless, please keep the number of applications to a reasonable limit and do not scatter your interests too far. Show that you have consciously selected the position, reflected by your confidence that the job requirements fit your profile and you have the right professional background. General submissions with no specific indication of the applicant’s objectives do not make a good impression. Please apply only once for a training place. If needed, you can list an alternative choice within your application.
Can I also submit an unsolicited application?
No, unsolicited applications are not accepted.
Can I halt the application procedure and resume it later on?
Yes, when you start the application procedure, you will choose a personal login including a user name and password. You can return at any time to your applicant profile at to update or modify your information.
How do I complete and submit the application?
After entering your data completely in all sections, you must send your application online (before the respective deadline) by clicking “Submit.” We cannot see or process your candidacy unless you do so.
How will I know that Audi has received my application?
After you submit your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt to the e-mail address you have entered.
If you do not get a confirmation of receipt, please log in and check your application to be sure that you actually send it under the last “Submit” section.
Can I review my application?
Yes, you can access and review your application using your personal login data even after the deadline.
What data can still be changed after I submit my application?

You can make changes to your personal data and information about your background as well as modifying or adding attachments at any time prior to the application’s deadline.

You will not be able to alter the cover letter or other information from the job-specific questionnaire once you have submitted the application.

Can I withdraw my application?
Yes, you can withdraw it at any time. Once finalized, you cannot submit it again and in case of interest, you would have to reapply for it. Please be aware, however, that once applications have been submitted, they cannot be deleted from the applicant’s profile history.
What does happen after I submit my application?
Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Your candidacy will then be forwarded to the applicant's management staff, who review each submission. There are no parameters in the system to filter out your application; an employee will exhaustively go through it and send a personal message as soon as possible with a status update. Once we have more information on the status of your application, we will get in touch with you.
What are the system requirements for the application assistant?
All standard web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome are supported. Mobile devices such as tablet PCs and smartphones with iOS >= 5, Android >= 2.3 and Windows Phone 8 operating systems are supported.
Does the application assistant use cookies or pop-up windows?
The Audi application assistant is similar to an online banking application, so it is just as secure. The system uses session cookies. These files are deleted from your computer after you terminate the session. If you have a pop-up blocker, you should deactivate it; as the system uses pop-up windows.

You should attach the following documents to your application...

What documents should I include in my Audi application?
A personal cover letter, resume and all transcripts including your High-school transcript of records, report cards and certificates. In some cases, you may be asked to submit a sample of your previous projects.
As a pupil for a training position
  • Your last two school year transcripts of records
  • Personal cover letter
As a university student for an internship or academic thesis
  • High-school diploma
  • Current university’s enrolment certificate
  • Current transcripts of records and accumulated credit’s points
  • Letters of reference from internships and jobs
As a career starter/graduate

  • High-school diploma
  • Graduation certificate (if not yet provided, current transcripts of records also suffices)
  • Letters of reference from internships and jobs


As an experienced professional
  • Graduation certificate (e.g. bachelor/master degree/ transcript of records)
  • Letters of reference from internships and jobs
  • For foreign certificates, please attach an official accreditation, such as for your High-school diploma or bachelor’s degree, from the certificate recognition office. You can also obtain documentation regarding an assessment test from a German embassy or a German exam (DSH exam) that determines a High-school diploma’s grade. We recommend that you attach all documents in a single package, as a PDF if possible. You can choose the order of your documents yourself. Otherwise the system will sort them starting with your resume. A separate letter for the attachments is required only if applying for a BA program or training position.
    For study transcripts, the “Certificate” document type is equivalent to other degrees such as bachelor’s or master’s. You can upload interim transcripts to the “Preliminary diploma” section.
    Your overall attachments should not exceed a total of 10 MB.
  • Applications without attachments will be excluded from the application process.

General FAQs about career start at Audi

Is my employment on a temporary basis?
No, from the very first day on, you will be permanently employed.
Where can I work for Audi?

AUDI AG has two locations in Germany—Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. You can work at either of them. In rare cases, jobs are offered at places apart from these locations, but this will be specifically mentioned in the job description. There is also the opportunity to work for Audi's partners in Germany (German only).

The same goes for internships and working abroad. If you are interested in working in a foreign country, you can find all available site locations worldwide here. Please apply directly to the location you are interested in.

Does Audi only hire employees with university degrees?
Audi of course welcomes employees without an academic background too. The reason why these vacancies are not listed on the career site is within these lines: As one of Germany’s largest training companies, we want to fill the positions with one of our trainees whenever possible. If we cannot do so, we will then consider external applications.
What areas are available for entry-level jobs?
All of them, considering, of course, there are open positions.
Does Audi hire freelancers?
Of course a company of our size also uses “smaller” partners or freelancers, but the respective departments are in charge of arranging this. In other words, if you or your company would like to cooperate with Audi on a freelance basis, you must contact the according department directly (such as at a trade fair, conference, or other event). Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any references or names of contact persons.
Does Audi provide support In the search for accommodation?
Yes, with your contract you will receive contact addresses and information to help you find accommodation.

Application procedure

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