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Audi is developing innovative concepts for individual mobility and connecting them to the digital world. At the CES, the premium brand presented a technology that can adapt virtual content in real time to a car’s movements and turn the car into the new favorite device. A startup named holoride will ensure that the new technology is launched quickly on the market.

03/12/2022 Copy: AUDI AG — Photo/Video: AUDI AG
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Key Facts

  • Audi wants to give its customers time to do the things that are important to them. The concept of the “25th Hour” encompasses the premium brand’s ideas about how we can both save on and improve the time we spend being mobile. Audi sees the car of tomorrow as a workplace and a place of relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Thanks to the new technology, passengers can enjoy unparalleled entertainment quality or work productively – all while significantly reducing their risk of motion sickness.
  • The technology will be available in many Audi models from fall 2022 - initially for rear-seat entertainment.
  • A startup approach is making it possible to involve as many partners as possible and to establish a broad, open platform. After all, the more partners who use this application, the greater the benefit for all customers.
  • New digital business models are expected to make a substantial contribution to the company’s operating profit by 2025.
  • The fields of in-car entertainment and VR harbor enormous potential for new business models.

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From driving experience to experience drive

Audi is redefining the in-car entertainment program. In the future, passengers on the back seat will be able to use a virtual-reality headset to experience movies, video games and interactive content more realistically than ever – all while significantly reducing the risk of motion sickness.

The special thing about this is that the technology adapts virtual content to the movements of the vehicle in real time: If a car makes a right turn, the spaceship in the video game will fly to the right as well. This is all made possible by fusing vehicle data, geodata and content data.


Holoride was presented for the first time at CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show 2019) in Las Vegas. In cooperation with Disney Games and Interactice Experiences, holoride had implemented a VR game experience for cars.

Startup holoride

“The main idea is basically to bring some kind of theme park into the car. Turn every ride into a theme park ride.”

Nils Wollny, CEO holoride (starting February 1, 2019)

Audi is taking a new approach to establish this new entertainment format on the market as quickly and broadly as possible: The premium brand helped establish the startup holoride and holds a minority stake in it through the subsidiary Audi Electronics Venture GmbH, which developed the technology. Audi will also license the technology to holoride.

As an independent startup, holoride is aiming to make the technology available to developers and customers rapidly and on a wide scale. The more partners from the automotive and content industry who use this solution, the greater the benefit for all customers.

A “bring-your-own-device” approach ensures that the technology is as user-friendly and accessible as possible: Customers can connect their own mobile VR headset via a wireless interface in the car. Car manufacturers supply the necessary vehicle data via a secure in-car interface. Content producers can offer their content on an appropriate platform. Within the next three years, holoride is planning the market launch of this digital application for back-seat passengers in a form that uses commercially available VR headsets.

From fall, a large number of Audi models will be holoride-capable

From fall 2022, select models that roll off the line with the third generation modular infotainment toolkit (MIB 3) and the latest software cluster will be holoride-capable. These models will be ready for holoride throughout the European market as well as in Canada, the USA, Japan and China. The availability of holoride itself may deviate from this depending on the individual market. Initially, holoride will be launched in Germany, the UK and the US market. Other markets will follow successively. To use holoride, a virtual reality headset that has been enabled for it must be connected with the vehicle.


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