New production technologies

The automotive industry is in the process of reinventing itself. Audi is making its production fit for the future with intelligent, digitally connected high-tech solutions. That will enable us to respond to new challenges more flexibly, adaptably and swiftly.
Production of the Audi Q2 in Ingolstadt

The assembly line of the future

New market requirements, customer expectations and standards call for a succession of new technologies and different vehicle versions. Audi is therefore developing an entirely new principle: modular assembly. Small, separate workstations allow temporally and spatially flexible working processes. The long-term goal is to adopt this principle in appropriate areas of series production. The concept will be implemented first in electric motor production at the Hungarian site in Győr in 2018.

Audi anticipates that modular assembly will increase productivity by at least 20 percent compared with the production line system.

To support our employees, more and more robots are going into service in assembly. They relieve people of non-ergonomic or monotonous activities and work alongside them in a shared space.

Testing the virtual reality headset in the Audi Production Lab

Testing the virtual reality headset in the Audi Production Lab

Audi Production Lab

Many new technologies for production take shape with the help of the Audi Production Lab – the interface between innovation and series-production use. One area that the Audi Production Lab is currently exploring is headset technologies for virtual applications. In the future, this could support planners and design engineers with product validation and also with factory and process planning. The simulation renders complex matters tangible and easy to grasp. This paves the way for a clear-cut decision, helps to avoid waste and therefore contributes towards using resources sparingly. The technology of the virtual reality headset is already in use in pilot projects such as digital assembly planning and training methods for technicians.

Innovations Right Out of the 3D Printer
Innovations Right Out of the 3D Printer

Working World 04/04/2019

Innovations Right Out of the 3D Printer

From the 3D printer straight to the production line: we’ll show you how quickly the experts at Audi develop auxiliary tools using 3D printing.

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