MQ! Innovation Summit

Curiosity, courage, and a revolution: Mobility of the future needs a head start. The MQ! Innovation Summit shows how ideas become innovations, and how the mobility quotient drives the technology of tomorrow.

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Steve Wozniak on stage

Who, what, why and how? These questions are important to continually ask ourselves, regardless of age, because they help us to understand and progress in our personal development. At the MQ! Innovation Summit, we focus on questions about the future of mobility and how it can be shaped. As in life: #neverstopquestioning. This is the only way we can dismantle old structures and change to sustainable technologies. We do this collectively, because the event serves as an open platform for exchange about intelligent, networked, social, and ecological mobility.

Why does Audi host the MQ!?

Audi is always open to change. The company itself is undergoing a transformation from a premium car manufacturer to a premium digital car company. Cultural change is also taking place. We want participants to be able to actively shape this change.

The company invites some of the most innovative minds of our time, as Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Tristan Harris, Co-Founder at Center for Humane Technology and Former Google Design Ethicist, to present their views and ideas to the audience as a stimulus and start for discussion. They are the lateral thinkers, pioneers, and visionaries. People who have already created innovations and discovered new perspectives. People who have always been driven by the #neverstopquestioning principle. And this is only the beginning.

Pitch for workspace on stage
Workshop participants are discussing
Panel discussion

How does the event work?

At the MQ!, talented people in the field of mobility of the future can network. In panel discussions and workspaces, the participants involve themselves in discussions with other attendees. The ideas and solutions created through collaborative work result in completely new approaches. This is what Audi is aiming to do with the MQ! Innovation Summit. Beyond the question of getting people from A to B, topics such as social and sustainable mobility and more agile concepts will also be discussed.

The MQ! Innovation Summit is based on four central aspects which are up for debate and able to be further broken down or expanded upon.

Spatial Mobility

The main question regarding mobility is: "How do I get from A to B?" It is the driving force and motivation for every development in the mobility sector. Of course, the question of spatial mobility is also the first that many private users think about and therefore determines their behavior.

Temporal Mobility

In our fast-moving world, the question of flexible and fast mobility plays a decisive role. Concepts such as car sharing, driving services, or vehicles for the so-called last mile (e.g., e-scooters) are part of the discussion.

Social Mobility

Mobility not only describes the movement between two places but also movement in a socio-economic sense. Social mobility therefore means promoting personal development. People achieve a higher level of education than previous generations, which opens up new opportunities for them. Social mobility also includes gains in prestige and influence.

Sustainable Mobility

The question of environmental consciousness and sustainability is also increasingly becoming the focus of future mobility. Mobility becomes sustainable with alternative fuels, renewable energies, and the courage to rethink. And perhaps also with completely new approaches.

Do the right thing at the right time and let the world move your way.

Steve Wozniak (MQ! Innovation Summit 2018)

Steve Wozniak at MQ! 2018

Where and when does the MQ! take place?

From Ingolstadt via Beijing to the world: After 2017 and 2018 in Ingolstadt and 2018 in Beijing, the MQ! Innovation Summit 2020 took place digitally for the first time. The effects of COVID-19 have shown us, the necessity of agil answers for fast transformation and the urgency to rethink the mobility of the future. With curiosity, innovative ideas, and new concepts, the future of the MQ! Innovation Summit remains #neverstopquestioning. Stay tuned for updates!

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