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Audi 80 GTE, 1976

The Audi 80 was developed by Ludwig Kraus and was presented in 1972. It quickly became the bestseller in the lower middle class. With a facelift in September 1976, the style of the Audi 80 was aligned towards that of the Audi 100, which had just been launched. In the autumn of 1976, the model series underwent a facelift and was visually aligned to the new second generation Audi 100. The rectangular headlights were the most striking feature.

Engine: 4-cylinder inline engine
Displacement: 1,297 cc to 1,588 cc
Power: from 55 hp at 5,500 rpm to 110 hp at 6,000 rpm
Series: 07/1972-09/1978
Production: 932,403 cars (without US models)

Audi 80 GT, 1974 Audi 80 GTE, 1978