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Audi 80 L, 1974

The Audi 80 was developed by Ludwig Kraus and was presented in 1972. It quickly became the bestseller in the lower middle class. With a facelift in September 1976, the style of the Audi 80 was aligned towards that of the Audi 100, which had just been launched. Business with authorities was a major domain of Audi's for decades. Large numbers of Audi 80 vehicles were produced for the police – most of them with basic engine versions. The best known user was Police Commissioner Haferkamp in the German TV series "Tatort".

Engine: 4-cylinder inline engine
Displacement: 1,297 cc to 1,588 cc
Power: from 55 hp at 5,500 rpm to 110 hp at 6,000 rpm
Series: 07/1972-09/1978
Production: 932,403 cars (without US models)

Audi 80 GL, 1974 Audi 80 GT, 1974