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DKW F 5 Meisterklasse convertible saloon, 4-seater, 1935

After Auto Union AG was set up in June 1932, DKW cars with front-wheel drive were the company's volume models. In February 1935, the new DKW F 5 model series was presented. A stabile centre box frame supported the wooden body, which was clad in artificial leather and built at the DKW coachmakers in Berlin-Spandau. With the model series F 5, Auto Union completed the step to become a large-volume manufacturer with daily production totalling up to 200 vehicles.

Engine: 2-cylinder, 2-stroke, transverse installation
Displacement: 690 cc
Power: 20 hp at 3500 rpm
Maximum speed: 85 km/h
Fuel consumption: 8 litres/100 km
Price: 2,495 Reichsmarks
Series: 1935-1937
Production: 74,995 cars (of which 16,154 Meisterklasse convertible saloons)

DKW Sonderklasse 1001 convertible saloon, 1934 DKW F 5 Front Deluxe Convertible 2-seated, 1937