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DKW F 89 L rapid delivery van, 1950

The DKW F 89 L rapid delivery van was the first Auto Union model after the Second World War and the first vehicle to be produced in Ingolstadt. The F 89 L’s pioneering cab-over-engine design was based on tried-and-tested pre-war technology, with front-wheel drive and a two-cylinder two-stroke engine. The model displayed here, was in use until December 1977 and has been restored true to the original.

Engine: 2-cylinder in-line, 2-stroke
Displacement: 684 cc
Power: 20 hp at 3,600 rpm
Maximum speed: 49 mph
Fuel consumption: 25 mpg
Price: DM 6,535
Series: 1949-1954
Production: 28,263 vans

NSU 201 ZDB motorcycle, 1940 DKW Meisterklasse F 89 P saloon, 1951