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DKW Hummel deluxe, 1957

The motor scooter boom gave way in due course to a moped boom. The DKW “Hummel” (bumble-bee) set itself apart from its competitors with a number of interesting design details: it was the first moped to have a three-speed gearbox, and its rear suspension made it noticeably more comfortable to ride than many of the rival products. The pedal shaft was integrated directly into the gearbox, so that the Hummel needed no second chain to pedal it along.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 49 cc
Power: 1.35 hp
Maximum speed: 25 mph
Fuel consumption: 223 mpg
Price: DM 658
Series: 1956-1958
Production: 117,617 motorcycles

DKW RT 350 with Binder sidecar, 1956 RT 175 VS, 1957