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DKW RT 250 H, 1952

By 1952 DKW was ready to introduce a 250 cc model, the 11 horsepower RT 250. It was extensively revised and improved two years later and given a stronger frame, plunger-type rear suspension and new brakes in full-width light-alloy hubs. The twostroke engine’s power output went up to 14 hp. The fully enclosed chain and the carburettor concealed within a shaped housing were typical visual features of DKW motorcycles from 1954 onwards.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 244 cc
Power: 11 hp at 4,500 rpm
Top speed: 62 mph
Fuel consumption: 86 mpg
Price: DM 1,745
Series: 1952-1953
Production: 34,131 motorcycles

DKW RT 125 W, 1950 DKW RT 125/2H, 1954