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DKW SB 200 A, 1936

A new era in DKW‘s motorcycle manufacturing began in 1932. The loop scavenging principle largely solved the two-stroke engine‘s thermal problems, and the production of water-cooled motorcycles was halted. The SB 200, introduced in 1933, formed the basis for a new model line, with the SB 350 and SB 500 as the first additional models to appear. The SB 200 Luxus model on display, as the name implies, has certain luxury features: chromium-plated exhaust pipes, an instrument panel with speedometer and clock and a “dynastart” combined electric starter and generator.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 192 cc
Power: 7 hp
Maximum speed: 56 mph
Consumption: 78 mpg
Price: RM 725
Series: 1936–1938
Production: 40,000 motorcycles

DKW KM 200, 1934 DKW SB 500 (2. series), 1936