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Horch 10–12 hp 2-cylinder-Tonneau, 1903

In 1902 August Horch moved his company from Cologne to Reichenbach in the Vogtland region of Germany and began without delay to design new automobiles. The engine of this model has two vertical cylinders and was quoted at between ten and twelve horsepower. The rear axle is not driven by chain, as was very common in those days, but by shaft. This is a “tonneau” body with two rows of seats and, unusually, access to the back seats from the rear.

Engine: 2-cylinder in-line, 4-stroke
Displacement: approx. 2,500 cc
Power: approx. 10–12 hp
Maximum speed: 31 mph
Series: 1902–1903
Production: approx. 40 cars

Horch 4-5 PS Vis-à-Vis, 1901 Horch 14-17 hp Tonneau, 1904