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NSU 6/60 hp compressor racing car, 1926

The NSU 6/60 compressor racing car was the highlight in NSU's car development activities before the war. It represented the basis for 6-cylinder series production in the future NSU 6/30 hp. In 1926, the factory racing driver Georg Klöble won the very first "German Grand Prix" in the 1,500 cc class on the "Avus" in Berlin. At the same time, NSU scored a triumphant quadruple victory in the 1.5 l class. It is the oldest Grand Prix racing car in the Volkswagen Group.

Engine: 6-cylinder compressor
Displacement: 1,500 cc
Power: 60 hp at 5,800 rpm
Maximum speed: 175 km/h
Race entries: 1925-1926

NSU 5/25 hp automobile, 1925 NSU 251 S sports motorcycle, 1926