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NSU Sportmax racing motorcycle, 1955

The NSU Sportmax is a racing motorcycle for private riders that was developed from the standard machine. It successfully raced alongside the factory Racemax machines from as far back as 1953. The whale cladding with ears was replicated many times by private persons, a practice that was tolerated by NSU provided it was not painted blue. In 1955, H.P. Müller riding the Sportmax became the world's first private rider to become world champion in the 250 cc class.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement: 247 cc
Power: 28 hp at 10,000 rpm
Maximum speed: 212 km/h
Series: 1954-1956

NSU Racemax, Type Blue Whale, 1954 NSU Quickly motorcycle, Type L, 1957