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Information on Corporate Governance practices

The business operations of the Audi Group are based on the following corporate governance practices, implemented beyond the requirements laid down by law.

Board Directives and Company Regulations

Board Directives and Company Regulations stipulate binding procedures in respect of workflows and other business processes as well as recording fundamental organizational policy decisions. They thereby ensure fulfillment of assigned tasks based on the efficient deployment of resources within the framework of the corporate goals and ensure clear definition of competencies and responsibilities. They aim to promote an understanding of the implemented business processes and of the essential need for cooperation between the organizational units concerned.

The Board Directives and Company Regulations are available to all employees on the Intranet.

Ombudsman System

Corruption is not a trivial offense: On the contrary, it harms the company and its employees. The Audi Group devotes great attention to combating and investigating corruption. Firstly, the auditing department of the Audi Group helps in combating corruption. Moreover, the Audi Group is linked in to the Volkswagen Group Anti-Corruption System, the Ombudsman System.

As part of this system, two leading attorneys-at-law are designated as neutral Ombudsmen (Ombudsman being a term deriving from the Swedish word for “mediator”). Any employee, business partner or external third party can contact an Ombudsman if they discover evidence of corruption. All reports are treated in confidence and the informant’s identity is protected. The Ombudsmen are subject to the attorney’s duty of confidentiality.

The Volkswagen Group Anti-Corruption System


Dr. Rainer Buchert (Lawyer)
Phone: +49 6105 921355 or +49 69 71033330

Thomas Rohrbach (Lawyer)
Phone: +49 69 65300356

Details on how to contact the Ombudsmen are available in the main Group languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Italian, Russian and Japanese) by calling the hotline on +49 69 65300490. Information on corruption which is available in languages other than English or German can also be forwarded by fax to +49 69 65009523.

Online communication channel
Information on corruption may also be passed on to the Volkswagen Group’s Ombudsmen in eleven languages at and

Volkswagen Group Anti-Corruption
Officer Head of Internal Auditing
Phone: +49 5361 923488
Fax: +49 5361 939309

Head of Auditing, AUDI AG
Geert Deweerdt
Phone: +49 841 89-32160
Fax: +49 841 89-36069