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Audi 10/28 hp Type B Phaeton, 1916

In 1909, after leaving the Horch Motorwagenwerke company he had founded, August Horch set up a second company in the German town of Zwickau, which he ran from 1910 under the name Audi. In the same year, the first Audi car, the Type A, was launched. That was followed in 1912 by the advanced development, the Type B, with which August Horch was able to continue the sporting successes of the previous year in the International Austrian Alpine Run.

Engine: 4-cylinder in line
Displacement: 2,611cc
Power: 28 hp at 1,750 rpm
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Fuel consumption: 14 litres/100 km
Price: 8,500 marks (chassis)
Series: 1912-1917
Production: 350 cars