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DKW Hobby scooter, 1955

A trend that came from Italy and proved highly popular in Germany: the motor scooter. DKW introduced its “Hobby” scooter in October 1954; it differed from its rivals in this category by its large 16-inch wheels and continuously variable automatic transmission. The single-cylinder two-stroke engine, a new design, developed 3 horsepower and was located under the seat, ahead of the rear wheel. The Hobby enjoyed great success as soon as it appeared and was a particularly popular choice among women riders.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 74 cc
Power: 3 hp
Maximum speed: 37 mph
Fuerl consumption: 147 mpg
Price: DM 990
Series: 1954-1957
Production: 45,303 scooters

DKW RM 350 "Singende Säge", 1955 DKW RT 200 S, 1956