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DKW Lomos “Sesselrad”, 1923

The design and shape of the Lomos “Sesselrad” – a successor to the “Golem” which DKW introduced in 1921 – were clearly influenced by the American motor scooter of the time. This unusual motorcycle with its 1.5 hp two-stroke engine had a cast magnesium frame and quite elaborate suspension; it was unable, however, to achieve any significant market success, as Germany‘s motorcyclists clearly preferred the classic style of motorcycle.

Engine: 1-cylinder, 2-stroke
Displacement: 143 cc
Power: 1.5 hp
Maximum speed: 37 mph
Series: 1922-1925
Production: 2,500 motorcycles

Bicycle with DKW auxiliary engine, 1921 DKW ZM, 1925