Explore an Audi concept car virtually

Audi systematically designed the Audi urbansphere concept from the inside out, with a clear focus on the occupants and the interior. You can now experience its interior digitally – thanks to augmented reality.

04/28/2023 Reading Time: 5 min

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With the Audi urbansphere experience, users experience the interior design of the future with augmented reality.

Welcome to the Audi urbansphere experience!

Visitors to the new Audi House of Progress at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg (Germany) can go on a journey of discovery into the brand universe of the four rings. Yet one special highlight is not found in the physical world, but in the digital one. The Audi urbansphere experience is a completely virtual installation based on augmented reality (AR). This takes what the viewer can see in reality and augments it with digital elements. This technology is particularly exciting because it blends physical reality and the digital realm. This is also the case in the Audi urbansphere experience, where users can virtually take a seat in an Audi concept car via smartphone.

Explore the Audi urbansphere concept with augmented reality

Here’s how it works: Scan the QR code with your smartphone or open the website www.urbansphere-experience.de. In just a few clicks, your smartphone transforms into a digital window into the interior of the Audi urbansphere concept. You can then pan the device around to virtually explore the vehicle. Icons reveal where there’s more information to discover. With the selfie feature, users can also become a part of the three-dimensional representation themselves.

Highlights in the Audi urbansphere concept

Unlike traditional vehicles, the Audi urbansphere concept was systematically designed from the inside out, with a focus on the interior and its occupants.


The car’s electric drive allows for new room layouts and thus has plenty of space in both rows of seats. There’s also increasingly automated driving to consider. Thanks to this development, customers can use their commuting time for other things, allowing the car to become a sphere for life and experiences.

Audi concept cars: the mobility of the future

With its concept cars, Audi provides a look into the future of mobility – questioning decades-old conventions of car design in the process. When you take your first look around the inside of the Audi urbansphere concept, you won’t find the traditional round instruments and screens. Instead, there’s a large fold-out screen for the passengers in the rear seats. Information is also projected onto various elements in the interior and there are interactive control elements in the doors.


“When it came to selecting a concept car to feature using augmented reality, we made a conscious decision to go for the Audi urbansphere concept,” said Marc-A. Brinkmann, Global Head of Experiential Marketing at Audi. “Since this car is so consistently geared toward the interior and the passengers, there are a lot of design details and features to discover inside.”



The Audi urbansphere experience can be accessed not only at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, but anywhere in the world. Users can even share the interactive experience with their friends through the share function.

Try it out now!


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