Attitude Brand Appearance

Attitude Brand Appearance

What does Audi feel like? We’re a brand in dialog, a brand that is not just the sender but the message itself. A brand that gets involved and gets other people involved, too. 

We’re very much anchored in the here and now: we’re on the go, we think and live in the digital world. For us, a brand is not a static structure but a living interface.

We provide moments of surprise and inspiration. We share things from the everyday world – but also exceptional experiences. And we always remain clearly identifiable as who we are. 

We have structured our Brand Appearance according to the three following design principles: diversity, honesty and balance. It’s a fairly streamlined system – but it’s perfectly adequate, because what really counts is the spirit behind it.


We are surprising and inspiring. In terms of design, this means more options and fewer rules, ultimately also a much larger and more vibrant range of expression . And more power as a result. From now on there are different options for positioning the rings and aligning text, for example . And diversity is the name of the game when it comes to colors, too. One banner can appear in black-and-white, while in another there may be a predominance of Audi Warm Silver, and a third may feature a striking red accentuation. But all three are correct.


We share the things of everyday life with people as well as fascinating experiences . We communicate simply and directly which is why all our measures have to be easy to understand – and they have to touch people: clear messages conveyed in an empathetic manner. This applies to the rings, which are reduced to the simplest conceivable form of graphic depiction, as it does to our visual style, which avoids any form of artificiality.


Overall it is also important to ensure that the various aspects of our creative diversity go together to form a coherent, vibrant appearance. Balance has a key role to play here. It is based on a general sense of proportion and is expressed in the generosity of the design and the consistency of the overall impression. This calm tonality makes us recognizable, thereby giving us credibility, too. In other words: the balance is a gesture of tranquility and of a self-confidence that doesn’t require exaggeration.

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