This guide is currently being revised.

As part of the comprehensive Audi brand relaunch, we are gradually updating the guides on this platform. The brand elements that have already been redefined can be found under "Basics".

Benefiting from Brand Strength

Set yourself apart from the competition and put the strength of the Audi brand to effective use for your communication. The following guide supports you, providing an outline of the two communication variants: national and individual dealer advertising

Print Advertisements

We use rings, typography, colours, the tagline and imagery as described in the chapter “Basics” – both in national and individual dealer advertising. In terms of photograph selection: preferably only one vehicle should be featured, but certainly no more than three.


1. Clear structures

You can use blocks in the Audi brand colours (not Audi red) to emphasize detailed information. No other elements such as eye-catchers and individual boxes may be used.



2. Prices

Prices and offers appear in Audi Type Extended. Please take care to ensure that the price is smaller in size than the headline.


When prices are positioned directly next to the car, the type size is based on the tagline/wordmark.


3. Copy

Copy takes the form of body copy or bullet points.

Enumerations should not have more than five items. We use open arrows as bullet points.


4. Additional highlights

Details can be emphasized by means of tiles. Position two or three tiles alongside each other.


5. Icons

Always use the specially developed Audi icons (see Basics) for additional services (such as warranties, insurance etc.). 

Social media icons (e.g. Facebook) and QR codes can appear in a single colour.


6. Dealer information

The name of the Audi partner appears in Audi Type Extended Normal/Bold (always in black or white). The type size is no more than 1.5 times the tagline/wordmark.



7. Legal texts

Place the disclaimer in the lowest section of the format.


8. Finished

Here are two examples to illustrate application of the basics as well as special guidelines.


> Version without block

In portrait formats the text block appears underneath the image, in landscape formats the positioning can be freely selected. 

In the case of joint advertisements with several addresses and group advertising, details of all the dealerships appear in Audi Type Normal. A group logo can be applied in black/white. 

Audi partners can apply their own typographical logo in black/white.


When designing banners, the rings can be placed at the beginning and/or at the end (no overbranding). The tagline is to be used wherever the format permits.
(see: Communication Media > Online banners)

E-mailings (e-DMs)

The same principles apply to e-mailings as to individual dealer advertising. The only difference is that the subheadline is applied in the text area.

Radio commercials – brief check

In radio commercials use a single, recognizable “Audi voice” – if it is not possible to use actors. The Audi heartbeat is mandatory for the close. If possible (required in commercials lasting more than 20 seconds), the claim “Audi Vorsprung durch Technik” should be used. According to a statutory provision, a distinct, neutral voice has to end the commercial after the heartbeat.

TVC ending

The TVC ending can be individualized through the software with the dealer's address.


The dealer name may only appear in black/white and in the type weight Audi Extended Bold.
Typography is not aligned with the inner edge of the ring.
No eye-catchers and individuals boxes.
Typography is not aligned with the inner edge of the ring.
The type size of the price is bigger than the headline.
No competing or corporation brand logos (VW, Skoda, Seat, etc.) may be used in individual dealer advertising.
No text on colour bars.
The colored background area must be black or white.