“Feel the powerful moment”

Feel the powerful moment describes the visual style of R/RS models in a phrase. These are snapshots of experiences full of adrenaline and an aura of confidence. They embody a lifestyle marked by sportiness, independence and self-determination.

Artistic but not artificial.

R/RS models are natural companions of this lifestyle. Not the centre of attention but always on the scene. The brand’s photography underlines this approach through exaggeration, contrast, storytelling and proximity.

Composition & Perspective

In the moment, authentic, close to the action, not staged, prompted by the motion, with spatial depth.

The observer is always part of the action (point-of-view shot).


Exaggerated contrasts, either as a dark focus from a bright background or a bright focus from a dark background.


The plane of focus lies in the natural focus; priority is given to the moment – vehicles and protagonists can also be partially out of focus if there is movement in the scene.

Colour scheme

Desaturated colour scheme, no impression of colourfulness.

Red is the brand colour. If red is part of the motive, it should be used as a natural highlight.