Audi channels

An endorsement in Audi channels is in place if the communication of the partnership is unevenly weighted. The partner is placed significantly smaller than the rings. A descriptor makes the role of the partner clear.

Not every partner is suitable for an endorsement. Communicative added value must be given. A clear brand fit with Audi must be fulfilled. The partner must add value to Audi's area of expertise.

Integration of partners

A descriptor (e.g. "styled by") clearly describes the role of the partner clearly.

In the Audi layout, the partner is always positioned significantly smaller than the rings. Partner + descriptor are aligned horizontally and vertically with the other design elements.



The descriptor is set in Audi Type Extended Normal, font colour black or white. The size is based on the body text.




Partner logo

The partner is placed flush left under the descriptor (spacing: 2× descriptor height). For circular or extreme portrait formats, the partner logo is placed in the centre.

The size of the partner logo is based on the composition of the application but is always significantly smaller than the rings.




Partner in text form

The name of the partner can also be set in Audi Type (Extended Bold, Black / White) (e.g. partners without their own logo).
The distance to the descriptor is reduced (1× descriptor height).




Special partner logos

Many brands provide their own special endorsement logos. In this case, there is no additional descriptor in the Audi type.




Colour guideline

Partner logos are set in Audi channels in 1C variants (black/white). This protects the clear Audi colours. Coloured variants are only permitted in exceptional cases.

Endorsement in text form

An endorsement is also identified in the body text by the corresponding descriptor (e.g. "powered by Partner").


The partner logo must be displayed significantly smaller than the Audi logo.
Avoidance of overbranding if the brand name is already recognisable on the product.
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