Partner channels

An endorsement in partner channels is in place if the communication of the partnership is unequally weighted (as in the case of solely support by way of financial means, for example). Audi is placed smaller than the partner. The word mark "Audi Official Partner" emphasises this role.

Official Partner logo

In partner channels, the Audi endorsement is identified by the word mark "Audi Official Partner".

Favoured: Official Partner logo


The description "Official Partner" clearly emphasises Audi's role. The design and structural arrangement follows the rules for word marks. The rings are only used in the standard version.


Alternative: Rings with Audi


For greater prominence, the rings with Audi can be used instead.


Multiple logos

The rings with Audi are used in a series with many logos (e.g. sponsoring walls). A protective space of at least 1 ring to the edge of the format and at least 2 rings to other logos is maintained.


Colour guidelines


The use of the 4C variant is preferred. In exceptional cases, it is possible to use the black or white version.


The rings are always used in the standard version.
Avoidance of "overbranding" through additional logos.
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