Audi channels 

Co-communication in Audi channels is in place if the communication of the partners is on an equal footing (e.g. long-term partnerships, joint events or brands with a comparable reach). The partner is placed together with the rings as a combined logo.

Combined logo

Audi and partners appear together. The rings are always set first in Audi channels. Only the standard version is used. The rings are not to be cut.



One line (line width: 1/3 ring thickness; height: 1.5× ring height) connects both partner logos. The rings are placed at a distance of 1 ring from the dividing line. The partner logo will be harmonised with the rings (visually the same size and spacing).






Further elements in the layout are aligned with the inner ring edge.




Wordmarks can also be used. The distance to the line is 2 rings. The stroke length corresponds to the height of the word mark + 1 ring. The word mark and Audi rings are visually balanced with the partner logo.

Co-communication in text form

The partnership is indicated in the body text by a plus sign (e.g. "Audi + Partner"), so as not to disturb the flow of reading.


The Audi rings are not cut.
No combined logos are used for retailers.
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