Audi communicates partnerships clearly, concisely and comprehensibly. Uniform designations, labelling and marking makes different types of partnership intuitively recognisable. The individual examples provided here serve as a simple illustration.

Types of partnership

The communication of partnerships can be differentiated between endorsement, co-communication and co-creation. They are communicated throughout the Audi channels or the channels of the partner brands.



The communication of an unequally weighted partnership between two brands, as well as the acknowledgement and honouring of a large number of brands.

Endorsement in Audi channels

Endorsement in Partner channels



The communication of an equal partnership between two brands.

Co-Communication in Audi channels

Co-Communication in Partner channels



The result of a partnership between two brands: a new, joint product or service.

What type of partnership is in place?

The following questions serve to easily categorise the partnership in question and it’s communication.

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