Redefining Progress

Redefining Progress


Audi sets a clear statement for Vorsprung. Our attitude of progressive premium is conveyed through a high degree of flexibility and the bold use of basic elements that shape our brand.

The Audi CI Portal is a direct, uncomplicated way for the creative handling of our brand. It offers many examples that inspire and convey the essentials – and it’s structured in such a way that you can get started right away. A living styleguide that is being extended continuously across all touch-points.



Flexible Rings

A new freedom – for the first time it is now possible to vary the line thickness of the rings so as to create a wide range of different scenarios and moods.


Flexible Typography

Audi Type Variable is a typeface that can be continuously varied in its weight and width. This means the typography can be adapted to the requirements, context or statement of an application.


Adopting Core Components

We have added new React components to the Audi CI to ensure a uniform appearance on the web. All existing React components can be found in the Audi React Library. Whilst the MVP is now available, Audi will continue to develop and add to this library.

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